The General Assembly has a wealth of resources to help Unitarian congregations, groups and individuals to develop and grow. This section of the website contains links to information about training, support services and resource materials.

Unitarian Books

Visit our bookshop to browse and purchase Unitarian books.


Catch up on the latest news within the Unitarian movement.


There are several Unitarian magazines and periodicals, covering a wide range of issues.

Digital and Social Media

Unitarians are active online with a number of societies and online groups. Online sites a great way to keep in touch with other Unitarians if you live far away from a Unitarian church, chapel or meeting house.

Kensington Unitarians

Education, Support and Resources

We offer a number of courses for Unitarians to improve leadership and for personal development. The Education and Training section gives details of the Modular Training Scheme which includes the Worship Studies course. We also have an annual residential spiritual development programme called Hucklow Summer School. If you are interested in improving your skills at working with children and young people, LEAP might be for you.

In order to support groups and congregations to thrive as lively spiritual communities, our trained facilitators can help with a range of Facilitation Support services.

The Publicity section displays the promotional materials available for congregations to use for congregational publicity.

If you are a lay leader, committee chair, treasurer, secretary or committee member, we offer useful information in the Help for Congregational Officers section.

In Useful Resources, there are links to a wide range of resources to enhance your worship services, improve the publicity of your congregation and encourage personal development.

The Document Library contains many out-of-print publications, leaflets and other files which might be useful for those interested in Unitarian history and writings.

Conference Centre

The Nightingale Centre is the spiritual home of the UK Unitarians and offers the qualities and facilities of a Conference Centre.